Kokkini Xani village is by the sea and is located just 14 km from Heraklion city. A close distance from the village we find the Minoan Palace of Nirou Chani.

Along the main road of the village visitors can find local super markets, cafes, banquet centres, hotels and night clubs as well as local bakeries and patisserie. Due to the rapid growth of the population of the village, a need for a new church came up in order to fulfill the religious need of locals, so in the middle of the village visitors will see a magnificent work in progress of the new church of Axion Esti, a cruciform domed with two chapels and a triconch sacred, also in its yard we can see the Cultural and Spiritual Centre of the area. On its coastline a number of taverns cafes and hotels will provide visitors with traditional sea food and more, as well as drinks and cocktails. The outstanding view of Dia Island in compliments the nightlife and the local hospitality making this excursion an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

The name of the village means “Kokkinis’s Inn". It is taken after an inn that operated here in the early 1900s, by someone called Kokkinis. This inn was popular to the farmers, on the way to the Heraklion market with their olives, grapes and other produce. There they could stop off to rest or spend the night, and have a meal.